About Us

Within every human being lies the potential to change the world. Our role is to unleash and harness it. So that as an individual or organisation we create a better world to live in.

Who we are

Benchmark International is one of the Asia’s leading experiential training organisations dedicated to providing impactful solutions that unleash the human potential.

With over 20 years of experience in Greater China, Benchmark International is positioned to understand the current climate and environment that organisations and individuals work in. This unique perspective has allowed cross-cultural integration and communication to flourish within our participants’ organisations.

Our international trainers and coaches provide our Asian clients with a glocal perspective, which allows individuals and organisations to build foundations for a truly world view.

What we do

Benchmark International’s expertise lies in our ability to deliver world-class training seminars and workshops that impact the lives of those who participate.

One of the most powerful factors to creating organisational success is Human Performance. The Benchmark International’s core curriculum is designed specifically to empower men and women to significantly achieve higher levels of fulfillment in key areas of their personal lives. Participants of our experiential trainings report significant breakthroughs in self-confidence, self-expression and clarity regarding life goals.

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