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Within every human being lies the potential to change the world. Our role is to unleash and harness it. So that as an individual or organisation we create a better world to live in.

Certified Professional Coach Training Program (CPCP)

A professional training program that allows you to be an internationally certified coach!
A professional course that enhances your personal leadership!

Nowadays, whether in any field, in commercial organizations in particular, there is an increasing demand for professional coaching.

Benchmark is proud to bring forth Certified Professional Coach-training Program (CPCP) - an Accredited Coach Training Program authorized by International Coach Federation (ICF). CPCP is offered by Global Coaching Company/Asia Coach Center (the largest coaching company in Korea and in China) in partnership with Benchmark International Limited.

The Key to Wisdom: Certified Professional Coach Training Program

Said Galileo, “You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him to find it within himself.”

Different from traditional education, coaching, as a way to unlock one’s potential and a choice of career can motivate people to discover and change themselves, thereby influencing others.

How to help a person realize his dream, convert his potential to capability and put ideas into action? Coaches can assist people in self-discovery and encourage them to use their conscious mind to hold fully responsible their lives, make wise decisions and reach their goals step-by-step.

Upon completion of the CPCP Program, you may:

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Benchmark Teen Leadership Training

Why Joining Benchmark Teen Leadership Training?

The participants will learn

Relationship Skills: Young students learn how to communicate to their peers and parents in real time discovery exercises. They explore the current relationship issues or conflict they may have with their parents and reveal areas where they wish to improve in the relationship.

Personal Motivation: During the four days participants become aware of their limiting conversations about themselves and others and the “clutter” that prevents them from excelling in their life. Through both activities and their own sharing of experiences all students will begin to see each other as a possibility to learn from.

The participants will gain

They will develop a personal code of excellence and explore leadership traits such as

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The Two-Day Creativity And Innovation Program – “Taking the Creative Leap”

This two-day, highly interactive, experiential course begins with “The Aha! Moment” by taking participants on an escalating, high-octane journey through the creative process. Participants continue by exploring their creative landscape through three paradigm shifts.

Creativity Topics:




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The Two-Day Leadership Program

This experientially driven program will be a personal journey of discovery and learning of one's own leadership characteristics and style. Within the two days a number of areas are explored and assessed such that the participant will start to see their own personal traits. This awareness will allow them to see the areas that require further growth and to embrace and accept the ones that they will see more clearly.

Leadership topics addressed:





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The Two-Day Team Effectiveness Program

All organizations large or small require some level of teamwork to function. The level at which they function is determined by a number of factors both personal and external. This program will reveal the nuts and bolts of teamwork and allow participants to experience and explore some basic principles. This module can design to include the high impact outdoor components or be entirely conducted in a classroom.

Team effectiveness topics addressed:





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The Samurai Game®

The Samurai Game® is a powerful opportunity to experience the way of the warrior as a path to deeper self-awareness and enlightenment.

In Japanese, the word samurai means “to serve.” The samurai lived and died by the code of bushido, “the way of the warrior.” For the true samurai, iron self-discipline, 100% commitment, inner calm in the face of danger, willingness to die rather than be dishonored, and unwavering loyalty to leader and team were a way of life. The Samurai Game® allows you to take on these qualities of the samurai warrior, and experience for yourself the way of the warrior as a path to deeper self-awareness and enlightenment.

The Samurai Game® is also an exercise in leadership and teamwork. Throughout the game, you will be presented with opportunities to lead—and opportunities to surrender completely to the leadership of others. The game will test you, and expose for you to see clearly your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and as a member of the team.

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