Corporate Training

Within every human being lies the potential to change the world. Our role is to unleash and harness it. So that as an individual or organisation we create a better world to live in.

Organisations who foresee how to develop leaders with a global mindset and ability to lead change will drive success in the 21st century.

Corporate Coaching Workshop

We offer long term hands-on performance coaching programs, coaching support and virtual coaching solutions designed along internationally recognised accreditation and guidelines. We regard coaching as an art and not as a science and as such allow participants to develop their own unique but effective style. Benchmark International also partners with global leaders in this exciting field.

Leadership Development

In our leadership development programs, managers and executives bring forth their full potential for dynamic leadership. The experience they generate energises their capacity to lead, allowing them to cause transformation in the workplace.

Team Effectiveness

These programs are designed for organisations striving to raise overall performance and achieve breakthrough in bottom line results. They focus on building and developing attitudes that move the workforce from compliance to involvement, and turn strategy into committed action.

Leading Change

In the past, leading change was the responsibility of the executives at the highest levels. Today, organisations’ employees at all levels are empowered to champion change.

Proactively managing and dealing with change assists those effected in learning how to gain a sense of control, turning uncertainty into action.

Creativity and Innovation

Organisations that integrate creativity into their DNA can achieve significant increases in team performance, improvement in their problem solving ability as well as greater flexibility.

In today’s competitive environment it has become essential to teach employees how to think creatively and promote innovation to build powerful collaborative relationships.


Effective communication is a critical means to achieve business outcomes and is something the whole organisation is responsible for.

Now more than ever there exists a need for leaders to communicate clearly and authentically about the organisations’ vision, goals, strategy and values to their employees.

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