Within every human being lies the potential to change the world. Our role is to unleash and harness it. So that as an individual or organisation we create a better world to live in.

Who Should Participate?

Anyone who is at a point in their life looking to be more effective or know in some way they are not fulfilling their full potential. Some people see the training as a way to move forward in their career or relationships or assisting them to make the decisions they need to. Certain individuals want live out their lives to the fullest and see the training as a platform to start that journey.

Are There Restrictions On Who Can Participate?

As long as you are 18years of age or older and are physically able you are eligible. Our staff will conduct interviews with you to make clear what is required of you and from that we can with you make the right decisions to move forward.

What Happens In The Courses?

We will provide and overview as to what happens in our courses however to maintain sponteniety and effectiveness of the processes we will not divulge in detail the nature of each exercise. The brochure or website will provide more insight into the courses or just contact us. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you.

How Do I Prepare For The Course?

After registering we will contact you. A Benchmark representative will call you to assist in your preparation. Interviews with you may also be conducted to further prepare you on how to participate. Details of the course will be given so that you have more understanding of what is required of you to create the most value possible. We will ask the questions that have you start your journey before you walk in the room to give you the best start possible.

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