Advanced Training

Advanced Training


The Benchmark Advanced Training is the second phase in our core curriculum. To many participants the Benchmark Advanced Training is the one life-defining moment for them.

After you have sharpened your insights after the Basic Training and see more possibilities about yourself and in life, you are encouraged and challenged to take a big leap forward. The Advanced Training is designed as a pivotal point on the journey of personal effectiveness. As the Basic Training focuses on Awareness and Possibilities, the main theme of Advanced Training is Breakthrough. Here in Benchmark, Breakthrough is characterized in two main ways:

  • It is an abrupt process through which the state, condition or quality of something or someone becomes essentially different from prior situation.
  • After Breakthrough something or someone will very unlikely resume its, his or her original state, condition or quality.

There are many examples that further explain how Breakthrough can be crucial in the process of elevating effectiveness; such as the technological breakthroughs in electronic communication in the recent decades. The trend is so irreversible that one can hardly imagine how he or she can go through a day without the access to a mobile phone or a computer. A more romantic analogy will be the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. Nevertheless, it is never suggested that you will be changed automatically or completely in, or by the Advanced Training. Instead, the Advanced Training is an environment in which you can choose to transform certain aspects of yourself so that you become more effective in life, and especially in relationship. Therefore you are expected to hold yourself as the source of your actions and experiences in the Advanced Training. After all, responsibility is exactly one of the core values much emphasized in the training.

In the Advanced Training you will have the opportunities to complete your past history, so that you can live in the present with aliveness and greet the future with excitement. You will also confront your limiting beliefs and habitual behaviours which have possibly been hindering your development and inhibiting you from experiencing your authentic self. You will also strive to breakthrough those beliefs and behaviors until you regain your sense of freedom and autonomy. More importantly, the Advanced Training demands you to fully express and experience you own possibilities. You will be challenged to go way beyond your self-limitation and unleash all your power, passion and brilliance.

The outcome of the Advanced Training is always joyful and stimulating. Participants will usually embark on their future with certainty and excitement after the training. On the other hand, the Advanced Training also requires much courage, commitment and a lot of hard work – just like any breakthrough process does. There are certain key disciplines to the process of personal breakthrough by which the Advanced Training is designed. The Trainer(s) will hold such disciplines with high rigour.

The Benchmark Advanced Training will be a challenging and intense environment that demands the best of the participants. However we trust that you will create for yourself incredible values if you consider yourself as someone who is one or more of the following:

  • has big dreams and visions
  • has extraordinary goals to accomplish
  • longs for a life of passion, excitement and fulfillment
  • values relationship and is eager to share love and care with people around
  • wants to learn about leadership and empowerment
  • believes in win-win
  • has the intention to contribute and make a difference

You have got the key after the Basic Training. Now it is time to open the door and take a giant step ahead!?

Training Format

The Benchmark Advanced Training is an interpersonal experience which is extremely deep and intense. The participants are expected to come in the training with clear purposes and huge commitments. It will be a very different environment from the Basic:

  • The smaller size and longer duration enable sharper focus on each individual participant
  • The structure is more open and flexible which leaves more space for spontaneity of participants
  • Interactions among participants are more frequent and intensive
  • The trainer is more demanding and direct given that participants usually have higher ownership of the trainings

Otherwise, The Benchmark Advanced Training includes similar formats of experiential processes to the Basic but in different contexts and qualities:

  • Ground Rules
  • Sharing
  • Dyads
  • Mingles
  • Small Groups
  • Closed Eyes Exercises
  • Games and Role Playing

Preparation for Training

The Advanced Training can be more stressful than the Basic Training to some people. Therefore physical and mental fitness before and throughout the training is very important. In case of any incidence of medication, the Benchmark staff should be informed of. Also, participants are strongly recommended to arrange their time off their daily life businesses to avoid distraction and maintain the continuity of their experiences within the 5 days.

There will be a long meal break and a few short breaks every 2-4 hours each day of the training. Participants are to take care of food and rest responsibly.