Art of Influential Speaking

Art of Influential Speaking

1. According to a survey done by USA Today many years ago, people’s #1 fear was public or in front of the room speaking…#2 was dying! People would rather die than speak in public.


2. In the Art of Influential Speaking and Training Workshop, you will learn

2.1 The importance of duplication if you are new in your speaking and training career.

2.2 For the seasoned speakers, you will learn the most effective way to re-create and create.

2.3 You will leave with a template to duplicate, re-create or create a talk or workshop.

2.4 You will experience how to “make it look easy” by being fully present and connected to your audience.

2.5 Learn and experience the “beingness” of being a successful speaker and trainer.

2.6 Learn how to move your audience to action.

2.7 Overcome your fear of speaking in front of people.

2.8 Create clarity in your “unique” message and purpose.