Leadership Programme

Leadership Programme


The Benchmark Leadership Programme (LP) is the third phase in our core curriculum. As the name has suggested, it is a platform where participants demonstrate leadership and create positive impacts to their environments.

Since the whole Benchmark core curriculum is much inspired by Abraham Maslow, the renowned psychologists/management guru, LP is often compared to the process of self-actualization in his study. Sharing the same philosophy the main distinctions of LP are, therefore, accomplishment and contribution. An all-round three-pronged structure is also designed to support participants’ continuous growth in themselves, their immediate relationships and the larger community.

While one of the purposes of the Basic and the Advanced is to stimulate learning and experience in a training context, the focus of 100 days LP is on effective action and performance in life. Participants will apply what they learn from the two preceding trainings to real life outside the training room. Further supplemented by a sophisticated coaching system they will find themselves performing at an elevated level in areas important to them. Also they will synergize the talents and efforts of other participants to contribute to the community through service projects. Borrowing a quote from Aristotle: LP is a tool to make excellence a habit.

Programme Context

There are some features that characterize LP and hold its spirit and integrity:

Crucial Leadership Characteristics 
Different people have different keys to success. However, some characteristics are commonly found in most recognized leaders according to the study of the founder of Leadership Programme. At the beginning of LP participants will be grounded on these characteristics. The programme will then be a superb opportunity for them to express and practise these characteristics.

Leadership Distinctions 
A few distinctions will also be reviewed in the First Weekend of LP. These distinctions are often considered as personal “winning strategies”. They will support participants’ effectiveness in their actions to create results.

Principles of Team 
LP is also an environment where participants can experience team spirit and exercise teamwork. These principles will facilitate the effectiveness as a team. Evidently, they can also serve as operating guidelines in management of organizations of other forms.

Programme Format

3 Pillars

The purpose of the “3 Pillars” is at least twofold. It allows participants to incorporate their learning in the Basic and Advanced into their lives. And also it answers to a multiple-win situation which is consistent to our corporate vision. The 3 Pillars respectively refer to the growth of oneself, the growth of people around oneself and the growth of the community. In LP they are represented in the formats of Personal Goal, Enrolment and Social Responsibility Project:

Personal Goal: 
A participant will declare “big hairy audacious goal(s)”, as famous management writer Jim Collins has described. He or she will utilize the simple but effective coaching system in LP in achieving such goal(s).

One of a leader’s jobs is to create more leaders. A participant will also take a stand for other people’s growth by enrolling them to the Benchmark Basic Training.

Social Responsibility Project: 
A participant will engage in a service project as an individual. Also the whole LP team will organize and execute a service project in a larger scale.

Programme Schedule

LP happens in real life. Therefore it requires more autonomy and self discipline than the two preceding trainings. Participants will manage their own schedules during the course of 100 days except for the mandatory attendance of the 3 training weekends. Otherwise, a flexible supporting structure is in practice which includes weekly small group meetings, and regular concise coaching calls.

LP is much more than a series of activities. It is a way of living that embodies creating, sharing, contributing and fun. We welcome passionate, visionary and committed people to manifest their stands in the world through this exciting and challenging journey. More importantly, this particular 100 days experience could be a solid foundation of the many months to come for the participants.