Parenting Workshop

Parenting Workshop

Explore beliefs about parenting
1-on-1 coaching
Acquire new parenting ideas, techniques, and tools

Parenting has never been easy. Children of today are different than past generations in many ways. Foremost of these differences is that they seem to carry a different consciousness, a different life purpose than generations past and a heightened sensitivity to emotional needs. Today’s generation of children are now faced with challenges unimagined by your parents and their parents before them. For parents, how do you deal with such inevitable difference?

Trainer’s Introduction – Bill Dean

Bill has worked with teens and families exclusively since 1995 when he was invited to work with an organization which brought behavioral modification seminars to children placed in residential treatment centers and specialty schools. His work with these schools allowed him to assist over 20,000 teens and their parents over the course of years. In 2004, Bill started Eagle’s Nest School for Boys in Colorado, an all male residential child care facility to assist boys and their families to find and heal the core issues which interrupted their ability to be whole and healthy. He now brings his expertise to Asia and is delighted to be able to share his passion with a new group of wonder people.

Candidate’s Sharing

“I learned from the workshop that parenting is my biggest career! It helped me realize that I need to be more patient and tolerant of my child; he’s everything to me.”

“The parenting workshop helped me understand the cause of my reaction and behavior when I parent my child. I learned how to love and care about my child better; as a result, my child and I became closer and intimate while I could also enjoy building a more effective family relationship.”

“All parents devote all they have to bring up and teach their kids. Thanks to the two-day parenting workshop, I’m so inspired and hopeful about parenting now.”