Bill Dean

    Bill Dean is a Master Trainer who has worked in the field of Personal  Transformation since 1977 and  has facilitated trainings throughout the United States, in Latin America and Asia.  Now having presented his teachings to adults and teens numbering in the tens of thousands, he started his work with Lifespring and continues today working with organizations throughout Asia. He leads the Discovery (first level) and Personal Mastery (an advanced level workshop) trainings as well as providing teen trainings and Parent Workshops.  Bill lives in Hong Kong.

    Bill also spent many years working with teenagers and parents.  Over the last twenty years he has assisted over 25,000 teens and parents create a new family dynamic through the process of healing their own individual issues that leads people to dysfunction.  From 2004 through 2009 Bill ran his own specialty school for “troubled” teenage boys at a facility next to his and his wife’s house in the Rocky Mountains.

    “I am committed to assisting people to learn the tools to live a joyful life, free of old limitations.”