Tom Haupt

    Tom Haupt is an international master trainer working in the human potential field since 2005 traveling to 4 continents, 180 cities and training over 10,000 people on personal responsibility, accountability and leadership. He has facilitated experiential trainings in Norway, Netherlands, USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia.

    Tom has honed his skills in this arena delivering over 4,000 hours of personal development seminars and executive leadership workshops. Through effective leadership trainings, participants develop highly effective habits by taking ownership of their responsibilities. He is certified to lead the Basic Training.

    Tom’s background lies in 36 years experience in sales, entrepreneurship and business ownership. After a successful 17 year career as a life insurance and investment advisor in the USA and owning international businesses, Tom retired and transitioned into the human potential field. In 2009, he published his best-seller, Time-Out! Winning Strategies for Playing a Bigger Game in Life, a book written for people to overcome fears, embrace risk and develop their leadership skills. He’s also the founder of Haupt Sports Performance Academy, mental skills training for the elite athlete.

    Tom enjoys coaching semi-pro basketball at the Gold Coast, Australia where he currently lives with his beautiful wife Melissa and young son TJ.